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TTC Videos - thinking about tomorrow by looking at the way we act today

All Transition Towns aim to make a plan for their low-energy future. Some write a book, others issue leaflets. Transition Town Cheltenham decided to let the people in the town who are planning, and living, that future now tell their own stories. These film clips are there to make us think, and to inspire us all to do better in our futures.

Please let us know what you think of Cheltenham's future. And feel free to use these clips - just let us know and acknowledge TTC as creator.

Funds for the project were kindly provided by Ethical Giving and Cheltenham Borough Council's Community Pride Grant.

Ken is 80 years old, and has been growing veg for over 20 years.
He takes us through some of the memories and stories based around his allotment.

For more information on food growing and composting, contact the Food Group.

Annecy Garden in Sandford Park was set-up as a community garden, grown by local people and to be used by local people.

For more information on Annecy Garden or about food growing in general, contact the Food Group.

Part of Transition Town Cheltenham, In Stitches held their The Big Knit event at the Global Footsteps Cafe in June 2012.

For more information on knotting, design, mending and re-using materials, contact In Stitches.

On Wednesday 18th April at the Cheltenham Town Hall, TTC held the Low Energy Show s part of our LEAF funded study of Local Energy needs

For more information on Energy Saving and Green Energy, contact Energy Group.

Planning for the future - Some brief snippets taken from Transition Town Cheltenham's AGM in February 2012.

For more information on TCC, contact Alison

TTC held some workshops with Dunnalley students, inviting them to make short films about their school and the environment. This is a look at some of their work.

Ivor, Rufus, Remi and Leon talk us through the chickens in their garden, and their 8-person cargo bike.

Creative Director George Moorey Film maker Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou