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Energy Group

Interested in becoming an energy champion?. You will receive training and support to help friends and neighbours in their community better insulate their homes and reduce energy bills. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming an Energy Champion.

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Glos Community Energy Co-op

Panels on GRC

First Project - Solar Panels installed on Glos Resource Centre building

The Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop, has now been formed including an exciting project to build Gloucestershire's first solar power station on the Gloucestershire Resource Centre, Alfred Street, Gloucester GL1 4DF !

Energy Group  

Take part in a competition that could save £££ on your energy bills

 Are your energy bills ever increasing?  Do you want to reduce your carbon emissions?  Try a new energy saving competition, the European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC).

Supported by Gloucestershire County Council, the ECCC project will help households to track and reduce their energy usage, bringing down both their bills and their environmental impact.  Participants of the competition will be able to create their own online Energy Saving Account which shows how much energy they are currently using and how this compares to last year.  The Account then provides tailored advice on how to make savings. 

Lucie Davis, Senior Project Manager at SWEA said, “It can be hard to know whether efforts to save energy actually achieve anything, but the Energy Saving Account will give you feedback every time you use it. The savings you achieve will be entered into the competition to be the UK Energy Saver of the Year, who will then go on to compete against the winners from 10 other European countries to bring the Climate Cup back to home soil”

You can open your Energy Saving Account on line any time at