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Transition Towns initiatives are springing up all over the world, aiming to build local resilience and community co-operation as a practical and creative community response to climate change, and to reduce our dependence on oil and fossil fuels and tackle the issue of peak oil. We all know we can’t rely on oil forever, so it might be a good idea to plan what we do instead.

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Transition Town Cheltenham aims to empower ourselves and others to improve the quality of life in the town and make a reduced impact on the outside world, whilst looking after the environment and each other.



Edible Park

Edible Park Project

TTC have worked with Cheltenham Borough Council to convert the Annecy Garden in Sandford Park (at the top of the Strand) into a public edible garden.

See the Annecy Gardens Blog (part inserted below) for the latest info and updates.

CGD Team 2014

Cheltenham Green Doors
Team members 2014

Speaking at the launch of CGD 2014 at the Montpellier Gardens Gallery, Martin Horwood MP said “Everyone has a responsibility to try to live more sustainably – fortunately doing so is also a way of saving money, so it’s a win-win argument. But it’s not always easy for home owners and others to know how to save or generate energy, or to save water, and it can seem quite daunting to invest in such schemes. This is why the Cheltenham Green Doors open days on 20 and 21 September are so important. It gives people a chance to learn first-hand of the experience that others have had in living sustainably – and to ask them practical questions about what it costs, and the pros and cons of different technologies. I hope as many people as possible will take up this exciting invitation to see how to live more sustainably and more cheaply”.




Mondays, 6pm Annecy Garden Work Parties

We have started our weekly Monday evening work sessions and Malcolm has started posting regular updates about our progress on the Annecy Garden blog.

Take a look to see what's growing and how our recent plant sale went. The link is also on the TTC website.

Work sessions start on Mondays at 6pm (often a few people there before) and we are always pleased to welcome new friends.

Bring a trowel if you have one and a bag for produce. Not much salad yet, but plenty of fresh herbs.

Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st - Cheltenham Green Doors Open Homes & Gardens Weekend.
Full details at

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Transition Free Press,the new national tabloid newspaper, is continuing in 2014. It contains a mix of news, reviews and features, dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, food, well-being, the arts, cartoons, sport and a unique Transition agony column.

Copies are just £1 each from Global Footsteps.

Summer 2014 issue available September

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Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.

Joel Barker

Anyone can get involved by coming along to one of our awareness-raising events or by joining one of our specialist action groups. Currently there is a Sewing group “In Stitches” which makes new things from old and aims to teach people these skills, a Food&Growing group, looking at local sustainable food production and an Energy Group looking at ways householders can meet their future energy needs in sustainable ways. Our Heart & Soul group provides the inspiration and meaning behind all we do.

We can also give a talk or show a film on the issues to your local organization, to see how we can work together.

Contact Alison by email or ring 01242 577671 for more information or to be added to the mailing list.

Got skills to share? Or looking for some help? Try our Skillshare list, and add yours to the mix!
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